Buy Kenya Build Kenya Initiative

In line with the government’s mantra on building local industries, and in support of the Big Four agenda which includes manufacturing, anchored under Buy Kenya, Build Kenya Initiative, we have a robust socio-economic model and strategy to empower locals through promotion of local entrepreneurships in our procurements.

We have allocated a percentage that will be spent on local subcontractors and manufactures.

The overall objective of Buy Kenya – Build Kenya Strategy is to increase competitiveness and consumption of locally produced goods and services. The Strategy aims to promote and enhance the consumption of Kenya’s own products and services in both absolute figures and as a proportion of the gross domestic product (GDP). Enhanced consumption of locally produced goods and services will contribute to among other things, employment creation, and poverty reduction, promote value addition, stimulate production and product diversification; and encourage growth of local industries. Buy Kenya – Build Kenya Strategy aspires to promote the competitiveness of locally produced goods and services by the public and private sector as well as the citizens. This in turn creates synergy that contributes to building a strong integrated agricultural, industrial and service base that nurture wealth generation in the economy and ultimately increase opportunities for more jobs.