Our Social Investment


Currently there are 1,161 local people employed directly into the dam construction project of which 975 (84%) are male and 186 (16%) are female. Out of the 1,161 people employed, 928 (80%) of the labour force is sourced from the local community in the counties of Makueni (548), Kitui (256), and Machakos (124). In terms of skills 697 (60%) persons are skilled labour, 278 (24%) persons are semi-skilled and 186 (16%) persons are non-skilled labours.

Our Impact

  • Creation of thousands of jobs, emergence of small scale industries, boost to healthcare and sanitation, food security and irrigation.
  • Ongoing civil works and related activities have already created direct and indirect employment of more than 1,000 locals – both men and women who are mainly the bread winners for their families. By this, the project will ease the direct resource dependency pressures.
  • Opening up the areas for agribusiness through irrigation and  generation of electricity.
  • Boost the realization of Vision 2030 and achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through eradication of extreme poverty and hunger by enhancing income sources and food security
  • Provision of water from the dam will see enhanced social and economic development of Lower Eastern region.
  • Improvement of sanitation and hygiene hence minimizing threat of diseases amongst the rural inhabitants in Lower Eastern region.

Our Footprints in the Lower Eastern Region

Mbooni Constituency

Education: The subcontractor has completed renovated of schools: Seven Classrooms at Kitoto secondary, two classrooms at Kamutonye primary and two classrooms Kathulumbi primary. The subcontractor is preparing to commence construction of two new classrooms at Kathulumbi Secondary school. The drawings and BQ have been approved

Health: The subcontractor preparing to commence construction a new modern maternity wing at Kathiani dispensary. The drawings and BQ have been approved for the construction of the modern maternity wing.

Water: The evaluation for approval of the driller of the 2no.boreholes for the community at Kwa Katithi and Kwa Kimoli is yet to finalize thus the subcontractor has not yet started to drilling work. In addition, the subcontractor will install water harvesting tanks at Chemchem and Kathulumbi secondary, Kitoto and Kamutonye primary schools.

Kitui Constituency

Education: The subcontractor has been constructing new classrooms, and handed over. The schools are two classrooms at Nzambia primary, two Classrooms at Kilisa primary and Vondoni (Madalwa) primary is ongoing.

Health: The subcontractor was fencing the Nzambia and Syomakanda dispensaries. The Subcontractor did not handover due to some snags.

In addition, the construction of Kanyangi level four hospital is ongoing.

Water: The Contractor has approved the subcontractor to start the drilling of 2 boreholes.

Makueni Constituency

Education sector: The subcontractor has completed the renovation works for in all schools. Mumbeeni primary school 2 classrooms, 2 toilets and store, Ivinga Nzia primary school 1 classroom, Katithi primary school 2 classrooms, Mathangathi Primary school 2 classrooms, Syandoo primary school 2 classrooms and construction of 2 water tank basement, Miangeni primary school1 classroom and office . There was no construction of new classrooms.

Health sector: The Contractor has approved the renovation of Mavindini level three hospital awaiting for the subcontractor to start the works.

Water sector: The Contractor approved the subcontractor to start the drilling of the 2no. boreholes for the community.